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Every month, JaiProductions spotlights one actor that has worked or will work on a JaiProductions project....get to know them!

Sharmaine Stowes

Sharmaine stepped out into the music world and begin singing in 2006. Two years later, she began writing lyrics based on love and relationships, along with her “growing up” roots, gospel. 

Though Sharmaine has always had the gift to sing, her late blossoming to the music industry was due to her shyness. This bashfulness was finally interceded in December 2006 when she sung, for the first time, before a group of people at her father’s (Edmond Stowes) church. From that moment on, her seed to become an influential singer was planted, and it has been growing ever since.

Sharmaine starred in "The Dysfunctional Jenkins" as "Grandmama Sally" and took home "Best Actress" at the 2020 S.I.T.A Awards

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