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Young Tony- Between ages 7-9. Needed for 1 shoot day

Older Tony- Basketball phenom. Strained relationship with father (Harper)  Must have basketball skills. 6 shoot days (Lead)

Coach Jerry- NHA Coach. 1 shoot day 

NHA Teammates- Must have basketball skills. 25-40 years old. 1 shoot day

Janay- Best friend to Harper. Works for NHA team Atlanta Force. Sick of Harper's selfish ways- Female, 25-35 years old, slick mouth but caring. 4 shoot days (Supporting)

Vick- Father figure to Harper and coach. Tries to talk sense into Harper about what's important in life- Stocky, rough voice. 1 shoot day

P.C.- President of NHA team- Older gentleman, very strict. 1 shoot day 

Biggs- Gangster from Philadelphia looking for trouble- 2 shoot days (Supporting)

Pastor- (Male or Female) 1 shoot day

Churchgoers (Male and Female) 1 shoot day

Fans (Male and Female) 2 shoot days. Some fans will be featured

Bartender- 1 shoot day 

Bar Patrons- 1 shoot day

High School Teammates- 2 shoot days

Sports Anchor- 1 shoot day

The Heist
Symone- Leader of Crew. Think Raq from "Raising Kanan"- 4 shoot days
Jo-Jo- Know it all and a loud mouth- 2 shoot days
Devon- Symone's puppet. Never questions her. 4 shoot days
Curtis- Naive, doesn't like to hurt anyone. 4 shoot days
Maurice- Careless crew member. 2 shoot days
Lisa- Computer whiz of the crew
Mr. Anderson- Bank Manager- 1 shoot day
Omega: The Mini Series
Lieutenant Reynolds- Reopens a case that has been haunting her for 5 years. Hard ass
Officer Greenwell- Learning under Reynolds. Likes to question her authority
Joseph Cambridge- ADA involved in a crime with his best friend Andrew that placed the blame on a loved one
Claudia Cambridge- Serving a prison sentence for a crime she did not commit. Ready to tell it all
Andrew Jones- Best friend to Joseph. Has no remorse for Claudia taking the fall
Judge Galloway
CSI members
Police Officers
Gloria- Assistant to Joseph Cambridge

Most roles are paid. Pay will be negotiated. Filming will start Summer 2024

Please email for sides. In subject line, include name of film and character you are auditioning for. Please send headshot, resume/demo reel (if applicable), location and stats

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