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Casting Calls





Young Tony- Between ages 7-9. Needed for 1 shoot day


Older Tony- Basketball phenom. Strained relationship with father (Harper)  Must have basketball skills. 6 shoot days (Lead)


Coach Jerry- NHA Coach. 1 shoot day 


NHA Teammates- Must have basketball skills. 25-40 years old. 1 shoot day


Janay- Best friend to Harper. Works for NHA team Atlanta Force. Sick of Harper's selfish ways- Female, 25-35 years old, slick mouth but caring. 4 shoot days (Supporting)


Vick- Father figure to Harper and coach. Tries to talk sense into Harper about what's important in life- Stocky, rough voice. 1 shoot day


P.C.- President of NHA team- Older gentleman, very strict. 1 shoot day 


Biggs- Gangster from Philadelphia looking for trouble- 2 shoot days (Supporting)


Pastor- (Male or Female) 1 shoot day


Churchgoers (Male and Female) 1 shoot day


Fans (Male and Female) 2 shoot days. Some fans will be featured


Bartender- 1 shoot day 


Bar Patrons- 1 shoot day


High School Teammates- 2 shoot days


Sports Anchor- 1 shoot day




Symone- Leader of Crew. Think Raq from "Raising Kanan"- 4 shoot days


Jo-Jo- Know it all and a loud mouth- 2 shoot days


Devon- Symone's puppet. Never questions her. 4 shoot days


Curtis- Naive, doesn't like to hurt anyone. 4 shoot days


Maurice- Careless crew member. 2 shoot days


Lisa- Computer whiz of the crew


Mr. Anderson- Bank Manager- 1 shoot day

OMEGA the Mini-Series

Lieutenant Reynolds- Reopens a case that has been haunting her for 5 years. Hard ass

Officer Greenwell- Learning under Reynolds. Likes to question her authority

Joseph Cambridge- ADA involved in a crime with his best friend Andrew that placed the blame on a loved one

Claudia Cambridge- Serving a prison sentence for a crime she did not commit. Ready to tell it all

Andrew Jones- Best friend to Joseph. Has no remorse for Claudia taking the fall

Judge Galloway

CSI members

Police Officers

Gloria- Assistant to Joseph Cambridge

Morning & Morning 2-


Casting for my action short. Will be a two part series
Characters: Note that the character breakdown may not be extensive as this short will be full of action




Gang Member #1-

Gang Member #2-

Gang Boss

Cop #1-Please let me know if you have a uniform. Not required. Must be able to run

Cop #2- Please let me know if you have a uniform. Not required. Must be able to run

Long Way Home

Two brothers at war get separated from their squad after a surprise attack and have to survive on their own (script still being written)

Corey- American Soldier. Older brother to David

David-American Soldier. Younger brother to Corey

Mother- Corey and David's mother



GRIT is a film based on true events about a girl who had the world in her hands until one decision turned that world upside down. We all have to live with our consequences; but what if the decision was justified?

Speaking Roles

Game Announcer (Male)

Third Baseman (Female)

Umpire (Male)

Coach (Male)

Teammate #1 (Female)

Reporter #1

Reporter #2

Mrs. Clairborne

Student #1

Mr. Anderson







Mrs. Graham


Lost In Love
A young man battles between finding true love and his addiction to drugs and alcohol.
Jason-young man early 20s-late 30s, struggling between finding true love and his addiction to drugs. Can this mysterious woman help him kick his bad habits or is she the bad habit?
Justine-gets pulled into the life after meeting Jason but is she harboring a deep, dark past of her own?

Will be casting extras/background actors!

Email acting resume, reel and role you're auditioning for to

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